A journey is always pleasant to me. Whenever I get an opportunity , I visit different places. I am very fond of travelling by bus. Last month I made a journey by bus which was very enjoyable. It was the month of December. My annual examination was over and I got a vacation. My parents decided to pay a visit to my uncle’s home at Kushtia. I was very glad to hear the news. We went there by bus. On the fixed day, we started for Kushtia. We reached Gabtoli bus terminal early in the morning. Father bought the tickets the day before. We got on the bus and an attendant (অভ্যর্থনাকারী) helped us to find our seats. I got my seat beside the window. Our bus started at 8.30 am. It was a sunny day. The sky was clear. At first the bus was moving (PjwQj) slowly. Then it began running at a high speed. When we left the din and bustle of the city behind, the green Bangla welcomed us with all its beauty. I enjoyed beautiful green fields, orchards, and trees on the both sides of the highway. We were passing Jahangirnagar University.



I looked outside and found the university campus full of green trees and beautiful scenery. The bus was moving ahead leaving behind the trees, houses, paddy fields on the both sides of the road. It seemed to me that things like trees, houses were running behind. After two hours, we reached Paturia Ferry ghat. We had to cross the river ‘Padma’ by ferry. Our bus waited sometime for ferry and then got on it. The ferry started to move. I got down from the bus and went to the top of the ferry. From there I looked at the mighty (বিশাল/প্রমত্তা)Padma. There was water around us. I was thrilled. There were some hawkers selling various things like fruits, tobacco, muri, chanachur and other things on the ferry. It took half an hour to cross the river. I got on the bus again. The bus started to run again. We reached Goalondo after a few minutes. Then our bus took a turn and we entered Rajbari District within an hour. There our bus stopped for a tea-break (চা-বিরতি ) for 20 minutes.



We took some snacks there. Then the bus started its journey again. We crossed the town and our bus was running along the road through villages. I saw many huts, houses, canals, orchards (বাগান), green fields on the way. Really it was a charming scenery. Our bus reached Kushtia at 1pm. My uncle came to the bus stand to receive us. We got down and went to our uncle’s home. Thus the journey came to an end. I enjoyed it very much.



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